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Find out more about Wisdom's research interest and future career plan. As a Biochemist with a burning passion for cancer research, Mr Wisdom has been able to come up with a master plan regarding how future goals, objectives and aspirations.

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Biochemistry as a course has prepared me for a career in research. Whilst at University, I was opportune to work as a lab assistant, summer research placement student, in addition to independently working as a final year research project student. 

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As a student, I have presented series of seminars on key biochemical topics during my time as a student at Newcastle University and at external interviews. I have compiled these seminars for your viewing and reading pleasures. 

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In search of scholarships and jobs, then look no further. I have developed a platform to help prospective applicants with applying for scholarships and jobs that they are eligible to apply to. I will endeavour to update the page regularly with most recent opportunities. Good luck!

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I have put together great tips and advice on how to succeed in some key areas such as education and career. I have also shared my personal experience to a great extent to encourage the reader in his/her search for better opportunities in life. This page would be useful to those who are seeking for tips to succeed at interviews, either for jobs or scholarship purpose. 

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