KDWIS VIRTUAL LAB is an online platform owned, managed and designed by Kate, Wisdom Deebeke to communicate his scientific knowledge and research experience to the general public.  The resources available on this website would be useful to anyone who has interest in science communication and would want to actively get involved.  The resources are mostly derived from Kate, Wisdom Deebeke’s experiences whilst being a student at the University of Newcastle.  These experiences range from academic activities, work and to extracurricular activities that he has been actively involved in during his time at the university.

Kate, Wisdom Deebeke has been involved in series of science – and career-related activities and he wishes to use this website to inform people about his time at both Newcastle University (UK) and University of Alberta (Canada) and some of the skills, qualities and experiences he has achieved as a Biochemistry and Oncology student.  This website is constantly updated with up-to-date information about Kate, Wisdom Deebeke recent activities that could be helpful to other students.

To find out more about this website and its founder, please contact info@kdwis.com or use the CONTACT US form.

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