Damage to DNA is relatively common in our cells, and cells have evolved over the years to overcome this challenge by possessing pathways that are responsible for the repair of these damages, which could be caused by endogenous and/or exogenous carcinogenic agents.  The damage done to DNA plays a major role in mutagenesis, ageing and carcinogenesis.  In response to DNA damage, the cell employs mechanisms such as mismatch repair, base excision repair and nucleotide excision repair pathways in order to maintain genome stability and integrity.

I am mostly interested in how cellular responses to DNA damage, and the mechanisms that are responsible for defects in repair pathways, are activated and coordinated; and how defects in these repair pathways contribute to cancer development and progression.  In addition, the process by which cell cycle checkpoints detect DNA damage and activate regulatory proteins such as p53 and other repair proteins are also of keen interest to me.

Addressing the above questions would advance my knowledge on the molecular basis of cancer development and progression and prepare me for a discipline in cancer science.  Understanding the above processes will also contribute to the development of novel therapies to target proteins that are known to be implicated in cancer.  This would ultimately improve the treatment and management approaches for cancer patients.

Again, I have major interest in Information Technology. I am fascinated by anything that's IT-related such as how both the software and hardware parts of a computer work and their intricate nature. Owing to my desire to develop IT skills, I started blogging on Wordpress in 2011, and later acquired my own domain name in 2012.

After few years of personal development on web design, I enrolled for a professional training with New Horizons at the Port Harcourt in January 2016 and completed a Basic web design programme with them. I'm skilled at HTML, CSS,and a little of fireworks. To ensure I was fully grounded in web design, I immediately enrolled for the advanced programme with Admas Computers still in Port Harcourt. At the end of the programme, I am confident of working with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. They all still require further mastering, though. In addition to these physical training, I also trained myself with Apps and online articles to ensure I acquire the necessary skills. Today, I can confidently design a website.  I'm however, not satisfied, and plan to enrol for more advanced programming packages, such as JAVA, C#, C++, Advanced SQL  in the near future.

In addition to the above, I do repair laptop systems as part of my hobbies. I have on several occasions repaired my friends' systems. It has always being rewarding to see smiles on the faces of my friends after working on their systems. I can confidently handle Windows Installations, speed up a slow system, install and uninstall software and hardware, including motherboards, hard drives, video cards, etc. I am also very good at graphic design, but still learning to improve on it.

I am proficient in most of Microsoft packages such as MS Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Again, I have mastering skills in photo-editing tools such as Irfanview, Adobe Photoshop, and MS Powerpoint. I possess an advanced proficiency in working with Wordpress.    
In addition to the burning interest for cancer research, there are other things that I'm passionate about. One key area of interest is activism.  I am a student activist working with youth in my community to preach about human rights and activism. In 2009, my team and I formed an organisation called Human Rights Activists Club. The organisation runs at the secondary school level to educate youth on their fundamental human rights. The human rights and advocacy seminars we have organised over the years, and with the positive feedback we have received from participants have clearly demonstrated to me that my vision of an African where people live in a free and fair society is achievable.